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How to add the CMS page link to main menu in Magento 2

It is easy as ABC to add all the needed product categories to the main menu. But often it is necessary to add CMS pages to the menu as well, the process of which can be confusing sometimes.

However, do not be afraid as now, that action does not require any additional coding in files.

It can be easily done via an admin panel, and today we will get the steps straight here.

Copy content of the page

First of all, you need to log into Magento admin panel and navigate to Content -> Pages tab.

There, locate the page that you want to add to menu, and select the edit option in the dropdown on the right side of it. In our case, it is the Guarantee page.

Scroll down to the Content tab, expand it, and copy all the code from there. You will need it in further process.

Add code of a page to CMS block

Now, we need to create New Content block, where we put the code from our page.

In order to do that, navigate to Content -> Blocks tab.

Click on Add new block option.

Fill in the title, identifier, assign store view to it, and paste the page content code that you copied before.

Make sure that Enable block option is set to Yes.

Do not forget to save the changes by clicking on the Save block button in the top right corner.

Assign block to the category

Lastly, navigate to Catalog -> Categories tab.

Click on Add Subcategory button, and enter the name of your page to Category Name field.

Note, that Enable category and Include in menu options need to be set to Yes.

Under Content tab, assign to category the new block that we created before.

Scroll down and under Display settings option, choose Display mode field and select Static block only option.

Do not forget to save the changes and clear browser cache.

Well done! Now your customers and you can enjoy the new menu item on your website.

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