How to change scroll speed in flash

Alex Ross March 16, 2011
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This tutorial will show you how to change scroll speed in flash

1) Open the FLA file and locate pages symbol, usually it is named as "Pages".

2) Doubleclick pages symbol and locate the page you need to edit scroll, doubleclick the page.

3) When you are in the page you need you will be able to locate code layer, this layer is marked with "a" symbol on the frame, you should select it and press F9 or go to Window >> Actions.

4) After you open actions page and scroll symbol you will get popup with similar code:

var  clicUP:Boolean = false;
  var  clicDOWN:Boolean = false;
  var  steContentY:Number = -53;
  var  stepPoz:Number = 10;
dynamic_page_content.mask  = maskMovie

var stepPoz:Number = 10; – this is the one you need to increase to make it scroll faster. The variable name "stepPoz" can have different name, like speed_content, in any case you can always experiment with values and see the result.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below: how to change scroll speed in flash
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