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Ray Taylor May 23, 2011
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1. Open your .FLA file located in the "sources/flash" folder

2. Find the text, for which you wish to add the scroll and switch that text to a "Dynamic" Type:

3. Set the Label to "textcont" and the Variable to "txt":

4. Navigate to the Timeline and create a new layer:

5. Open the Action Script panel ( you may use a shortkey "F9") and type in the text:

6. Select the text box and switch the display as HTML in the Properties Panel:

7. Insert new layer (you may call it scroll box for example) and paint your Scroll Box:

8. Add another new layer (lets call it "scroll stop"):

9. Draw a line and Make it a Symbol:

10. Move the new Symbol (movie clip) into the bottom of your painted Scroll box:

11. Open the Action Script Panel to add some script (you may use "F9" short key):

this._visible = 0;
baseYEnd = this._y
_root.baseYEnd = this._y

12. Specify the Movie Clip Instance Name in the properties panel. In other words set the movie clip label to "end":

13. Create another new layer for the scroll slider itself. Lets Name it "scroll":

14. Paint the scroll slider and make it a symbol (button) Make sure to make it a Button:

15. Open the Action Script Panel, for this new button, to add some script (you may use "F9" short key):

this.startDrag(false, base X, baseY, baseX, _root.baseYEnd);
on (release){

16. Place the Scroll Slider to the top if the Scroll Box:

17. Set the Movie Clip Label to "dv":

18. Add some script to it (you may press "F9" key):

baseX = this._x;
} onClipEvent(enterFrame){
perem=(this._y – baseY)/range
_perem.txtcont.scroll = perem+1;

19. You may now navigate back to the HTML text (step 5 above) and enter the text you wish to use for the Scroll Area.

20. Publish the .FLA file using the short key CTRL+ENTER or File->Publish Preview->Flash


Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

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