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How to download WordPress engine

This tutorial will show you how to download WordPress engine from the official website.

How to download WordPress engine

First, open the official WordPress website at http://wordpress.org.

Note: you need to open wordpress.ORG not wordpress.COM, as wordpress.com offer a WordPress online website builder, not the WordPress content management system we need.


You can use the Download WordPress button on the main page to get the most recent version of WordPress.

In case you need older versions, click the Download button in the top menu. Then in the left column (sidebar) click the Release Archives link. You will see the list of wordpress versions. There you can select the specific version of WordPress engine you need.

When you finnd the version you need, you can select the package format, we suggest that you download the engine in ZIP format.

After clicking on zip link, you’ll see a download window. Click Save option and the WordPress engine package file will be saved on your computer in your download folder.


Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

How to download WordPress engine

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