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How to embed YouTube video

Embedding video

  1. Open your .FLA file from ‘sources/flash’ folder in Adobe Flash program.
  2. Locate pages movie clip (usually called as “pages2”, “all_content”, “pages_all” , “pages”.)
  3. Locate the page on which you want to place the video from YouTube site.
  4. Created an empty movieclip on the stage and gave it an instance name of videoLoader
  5. Create a button on the stage and give it an instance name of "ytLoadBtn".
  6. Open the Action Scrip panel (F9 key) and put this code in the timeline:
  ytLoadBtn.onRelease = function(){

Updating changes

  1. Publish the .FLA file to create the .SWF file.
  2. Copy the new .SWF file from ‘sources/flash’ folder to the ‘site_flash/flash’ folder (to replace the original file)
  3. Upload the content of ‘site_flash” folder to the server.

NOTE: you will not see the video while previewing flash file. You should upload the files to the server.


Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

How to embed YouTube video
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