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HTML/CSS. Styling active button condition

This tutorial shows how to create a new button in HTML and its style in CSS file.

1) First you need to add a button in HTML file. The easiest way to do that is to use a basic <a> tag. Like in the following coding:

<a class="button" href="#">Button_text_here</a>

2) Create the style for the button in style.css file: select the background color, width and padding. For example:

  .button1 {background:#000000;padding:5px;}

3) The style for the button on hover is created in the same way. You should create the css class ".button_name:hover":

  .button1:hover {background:#FF0000; padding:5px;}

4) Save the changes in HTML and CSS files and open index.HTML file to preview the changes on the site.

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