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Joomla. How to configure top menu in Joomla 2.5 templates

This tutorial shows how to work with top menu in Joomla 2.5 templates. Top menu in Joomla 2.5 templates can be created in several ways, using RokNavMenu module or other third party module.

First of all let’s check what method has been used in your templates.

Open downloaded template package and go to the sources folder. If you can see there mod_roknavmenu_j16.zip archive, this means that is has been used to create the top navigation menu.


Before managing menu it should be installed. Open Joomla administration panel and go to Extensions > Extensions Manager and upload mod_roknavmenu_j16.zip. We assume that you’re already installed the template and Gantry Framework.

To access menu settings go to Extensions > Templates > Theme### (Master) and switch to the Menu tab. There you should see the following menu settings:

Let’s see what options we have:

  • Menu Control – select what type of menu you want to display and define if you want to enable RokNavMenu
  • Select Menu – select what menu you want to display. Menus and menu items in Joomla are controlled through Menus section in Joomla admin panel top menu.
  • Position – select position for the menu module.
  • Enable JavaScript – specify if you want to use JavaScript for the menu animation
  • Menu Opacity – using this option you can create a transparent menu.
  • Menu Effect – select effect for the drop down animation.
  • Menu Delay – specify the delay (ms) for the menu to be displayed when not hovered by the mouse cursor.
  • Menu Animation – specify animation for the drop down
  • Menu Duration – specify the duration (ms) for the menu drop down animation
  • OffSets – specify the initial position of drop down menu items
  • Enable ID – Joomla default menu uses an Active ID that can cause CSS invalidation. It is not used by the fusion menu.

When done click Save to keep – your changes.

Some templates may have extended style options that you can use to change your menu appearance.

Default Menu

If your template uses default menu module it can be found and configured in the Joomla admin panel >Extensions > Modules manager section. Search for the menu module.





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