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Shopify. How to manage slider options (speed, effect, autoplay)

Ryan DeWitt January 27, 2020
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Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

This tutorial shows how to manage slider options in Shopify template.

Shopify. How to manage slider options (speed, effect, autoplay)-1

  1. Our Shopify templates include NivoSlider which options are set in code. You may check page source in order to locate script that initializes slider. Right-click and select "View page code":

    Shopify. How to manage slider options (speed, effect, autoplay)-2

  2. Search for the appropriate code using slider keyword. You should press CTRL+F in order to open search field. Here is how the code looks:

    Shopify. How to manage slider options (speed, effect, autoplay)-3

  3. Now we should change slider configuration values in template files. Open admin section and go to themes section. Edit files:

    Shopify. How to manage slider options (speed, effect, autoplay)-4

  4. In our case code is defined in snippet-js-footer.liquid file. Locate appropriate part of code. There you can change slider options:

    Shopify. How to manage slider options (speed, effect, autoplay)-5

  5. There we can change animation speed, pause time and other options. We may also change animation effect. Here is the list of effects. You can select one of them:

    • sliceDown
    • sliceDownLeft
    • sliceUp
    • sliceUpLeft
    • sliceUpDown
    • sliceUpDownLeft
    • fold
    • fade
    • random
    • slideInRight
    • slideInLeft
    • boxRandom
    • boxRain
    • boxRainReverse
    • boxRainGrow
    • boxRainGrowReverse
  6. We have changed effect, animation speed and pause time:

    Shopify. How to manage slider options (speed, effect, autoplay)-6

  7. By default, slider comes with autoplay feature. You may disable this feature by adding the following option:

    manualAdvance: true,

    Shopify. How to manage slider options (speed, effect, autoplay)-7

  8. Save changes and check your site.

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