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Magento. How set up Google sitemap

This tutorial shows how to set up Google Sitemap in Magento.

Sitemap is a text or XML file which provides search engines with information about site links for crawling.

  1. Log into Magento admin panel and navigate to the Catalog -> Google Sitemap tab.

  2. Click Add new button in order to generate sitemap file.

  3. Type sitemap.xml into the Filename field. The Path field defines in what directory on the server the sitemap.xml file will be saved. Usually the file is saved in Magento root directory, in this case insert only slash “/” into the field.

  4. In the Store View field select the Store View you’re setting up the sitemap for.

  5. Click Save & Generate button to save and publish sitemap.

  6. To update sitemap with new pages, categories or products, click the Generate button next to the Sitemap.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

Magento. How setup Google sitemap

  • Vipin Rajput

    Thanks for sharing informative post and very easy way to set up sitemap in magento..thank u very much

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