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Magento. How to edit header links

Ray Taylor April 30, 2016
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This tutorial will show you how to edit header links (top links) in Magento templates.

Magento. How to edit header links
  1. In case you just need to alter the Header Links Title, you can do so by using Magento Translate Inline tool. Login to your Magento Admin panel and go to System -> Configuration.

  2. Scroll down and click the Developer menu item.

  3. Click Translate Inline tab and select YES from the drop down Enabled for Frontend option.

    Save Config and reload your site:

  4. Now you can select any item to alter the text/title. Note that the actual URL/link will remain the same.

  5. You might also need to add or remove items from the header section.

    In order to remove or add header/top links, connect to your server using FTP client or access your file manager from the hosting control panel.

  6. Go to the app/design/frontend/base/default/layout folder.

    Download the following files:

    • checkout.xml

    • customer.xml

    • wishlist.xml

    You may need these files to perform the changes.

  7. Now go to the theme folder, which is currently enabled on your site. app/design/frontend/tm_themes/themeXXX/layout. Open local.xml file using a text editor.

  8. We are going to perform changes in the <default> section.

  9. In this example, we will remove the Wishlist item. The following code should be used:

    <remove name="wishlist_link"/>
  10. We need to place the code within top.links reference.

  11. The final code will look like that:

    <reference name="top.links">
    	<remove name="wishlist_link"/>
  12. Save this file and upload to the server.

  13. Now, let’s add one item for the Home page.

    The following code should be used:

    <action method="addLink" translate="label title" module="customer"> <label>Home</label> <url>home</url> <title>Home</title> <prepare/> <urlParams/> <position>10</position> </action>

    where URL value is your actual URL/link.

  14. Now let’s remove the cart link.

  15. Open checkout.xml file which we’ve downloaded from the Default Magento theme.

    Here we can find out the name of the block, which is checkout_cart_link.

    Using the same method, we can remove the “cart” link from the header links section:

    <remove name="checkout_cart_link" />

Now you know how to alter header/top links in Magento templates.

Thank you for reading this tutorial!

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

Magento. How to edit header links

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