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Monstroid 2. How to install one of the skins

Our Support team is ready to present you a new tutorial that will become an indispensable guide on Monstroid2 template skins installation and make this process easy and effortless. One click on the button and the video will smoothly take you through this step by step.

Theme installation

Note! If you have Monstroid2 theme installed on your site already and want to change its skin only, you can skip this step.

First of all you will need to install template’s theme. To do that, please, follow the steps indicated below:

  1. Extract the template package you downloaded.

  2. Navigate to the Appearance > Themes section at the admin panel of the site and open the theme folder

  3. Locate the archive named as monstroid2.zip and install the theme by pressing Install Now.

  4. Click on Activate link on the next screen.

You can check our video tutorial on how to install WordPress theme via admin panel for more details.

Skins installation

Now we can proceed with the next step, it’s a skin installation:

  1. After theme installation and activation you will see the notice offering to install TM Wizard plugin. To install it, please, click on Begin installing plugin link.


    Click on ‘Install’ button on the next screen to install and activate the plugin.

  2. After the installation and activation of the TM Wizard plugin you will get a notice, offering you to continue the plugins and demo contents installation with the help of TM Wizard. Click on Start Install on the top of the page to start installation of the recommended plugins.

  3. On the Wizard Home page you can check if your server configurations meet WordPress minimal requirements. If any of them fails the checking, you still can continue the installation process, but it will take more time and can drive to bugs.

    You can see such message on screenshot below:


    Note! We strongly recommend that you contact your hosting provider to change the server settings.

    If your server configurations meet WordPress minimal requirements, press the Next link.

  4. Then you will see a page with all the skins available. You will notice 3 buttons next to the skins thumbnails:

    • Under the Recommended plugins you can see all plugins required for certain skin.

    • You can click on Select Skin button to install one of the skins.

    • View Demo button allow you to see skin live demo.

    Click Select Skin button next to the skin you wish to install to start skin installation process.

  5. Each theme comes with lite and full version of sample content:

    • If you want to fill the website with your content and optimally install it, use the Lite Install.

    • The full version of the template will be suitable for you if you need its complete functionality, without any of the additional settings. In this case click on Full Install.


    Note!If your server configurations don’t meet the WordPress minimal requirements and you couldn’t install Full Version, try the Lite one.

  6. Green Install Plugin box means the installation process has been successfully completed.


    Red Install Plugin box means the installation process hasn’t been completed. Press the Details link to see where the problem is.

  7. After plugins installation you will get a notice which offers to append demo content to your existing content or completely rewrite it. Select appropriate option and click on the Start button.


    Note!If you select Replace my existing content with demo content your whole content will be completely and irreversibly deleted!

  8. If you select ‘Replace my existing content with demo content’ you will have to enter your WordPress admin panel password to confirm and start content replacing. Then the sample data import will start.

  9. On the next step TM Wizard plugin regenerates thumbnails for all the imported images.

  10. Import is finished. TM Wizard plugin offers you either to View your site or Customize your theme.


Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

Monstroid 2. How to install one of the skins
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