Muse templates. How to set up contact form

Ryan DeWitt December 4, 2014
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This tutorial shows how to set up Contact form in Muse templates.

Muse templates. How to set up contact form
  1. Unzip the template and go to sources/AdobeMuse folder. Open .muse file using Adobe Muse software:

    How to edit Muse templates-1
  2. Open Contacts page:

    How to edit Muse templates-2
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of page. There you can see a contact form:

    How to edit Muse templates-3
  4. Choose Selection Tool. Click on main form frame. Click on arrow in top right side of section with form:

    How to edit Muse templates-4
  5. You can see contact form options. There you can specify e-mail. Messages will be submitted to the e-mail you specify in this section:

    How to edit Muse templates-5
  6. Select Text tool and change text above the contact form. You can change contact form labels using Text tool as well:

    How to edit Muse templates-6
  7. Go to File -> Save Site in order to save changes you have performed to .muse file:

    How to edit Muse templates-7
  8. Go to File -> Export as HTML. Specify web site domain name. Select folder for web site files:

    How to edit Muse templates-8
  9. You may get a warning message. Make sure that correct e-mail is specified and click OK:

    How to edit Muse templates-9
  10. Open contact page in your browser. We have set contact form:

    How to edit Muse templates-10

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

Muse templates. How to set up contact form
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