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Tag Archives: billing

Please, contact our technical support department. You may contact them via live chat : http://chat.template-help.com/ Or you may submit a trouble-ticket via : http://esupport.template-help.com/ to get a prompt reply.

Please, do not forget to provide our technical support representatives with your order number, your e-mail address which you used for your purchase, your name and your template number.…

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First, make sure that you have submitted your e-mail address correctly for delivery purposes.

Second, please check your email “Bulk/Junk” folder to see if the e-mail has been held by your anti-spam filters. The delivery e-mail was sent to you from Template Delivery Service “billing@template-delivery.com”.

Third, you may contact our representatives for assistance at billing@template-help.com.…

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Please, submit your request to billing@template-help.com. You should provide us with details for the new invoice. Usually such requests are handled within 24-48 hours.…

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Please contact us at billing@template-help.com with the screenshot of the credit card statement showing extra charges and we will reply you within 1 business day with all the details…

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Please contact our billing representative via live chat at http://chat.template-help.com/ or via e-mail billing@template-help.com with your order.…

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Although the credit card was accepted by the merchant system we keep the right for our own anti-fraud verification. It is clearly stated in our Terms and Conditions. In all cases of fraudulent activity online it is always the vendor who suffers the loss.

Therefore, we kindly asked you to undergo our verification procedure. It helps us to prevent the …

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In order to assist you in resolving this problem we kindly ask you:

-please, provide your full name as it is on the credit card, exact sum as it is on statement and exact date of the transaction;

-your credit card number in the following format: 4444 XXXX XXXX 5555 (we ask you to provide only the first and the …

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Please contact them directly and ask them to unblock this transaction from their end. If you do not wish to unblock your card for international transactions you may pay with AMEX via Paypal merchant system with the card directly without creating the account with them.…

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How do I pay with Webmoney?

July 06 2011  |  Category: Purchase process

You can pay via Webmoney either by choosing Webmoney option or Robox option on our checkout page. …

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Since Moneybookers/Skrill merchant system supports different types of payments there may be several reasons for this:

If you paid via bank transfer it may take several business days for the order to go through. We will send you the product as soon as we receive a notification from the merchant system that the transfer is completed.

If you paid with …

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