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Our Technical Support Team is ready to present you the easy way to integrate the Google Forms to your WordPress website. Read More
In this tutorial you will learn the way to add new contact field to flash contact form. Read More
This tutorial will teach you how to create a very simple contact form for HTML based website template. Read More

The configuring of your contact form is pretty easy. You should open your FLA file, then press CTRL+F and search for "@" symbol. It will find several (or one) locations where this symbol can be used. You should go to the one with rec=ice@template-help.com or rec=test@test.com;

After that you will be automatically taken to this location and should see the …

Read More
How to create a combobox… Read More
First of all, please check a video tutorial on how to create a contact form in Dynamic SWiSH site here.

A .ZIP file with an example of a general contact form in SWiSH (Contact.swi), contact.php and contact.asp you can download here.

The script for “Text_fields” sprite you can copy from the example below:

   recipient=_root.mail; …
Read More
В этой инструкции вы узнаете, как создать контактную форму ASP в HTML Read More

Open form0XConfiguration (where X is number often 3 or 5) file with Notepad, there you will find instructions on how to set up the contact form.

You should edit 2 lines in this file.

<emailTo>your_email@domain.com</emailTo> where input your email;

<serverProcessorType>php</serverProcessorType> where type your server configuration

(please contact your server and ask if they support asp or php):

Save the file …

Read More
If your template has an XML-based contact form you may need to get familiar with the following information which will help you to set up and configure your contact form according to your requirements.

You’ll find the following files that will be needed for the contact form:

•    contact.asp
•    contact.php
•    formConfiguration.xml
•    formStructure.xml
•    [cfDataProviders]

contact.asp and contact.php Read More
The structure file fcContactFormStructure.xml describes the form fields, their types and properties. The form is based upon the data from this file and therefore will not work correctly in case this file contains errors. It is not recommended to edit this file without understanding of what you are doing.

The structure of this file should coincide with the existing fields… Read More
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