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Updated as of 07/27/2007

The SWiSH animated templates updates:

1. Today, all of the editing intended objects are based in the separate sprites. That is what substantially increase the understanding of the editable structure and considerably decrease the quantity of animation (the editing of a product takes place only with the static object, as a result the animation is maintained straight by the animator). 

2. The objects that are 100% to be replaced with the custom ones i.e. the Logo, clipart, pictures and imagery, slogans, etc. are carried out to the separate “Assets” group that allows us to skip the product animation procedure. It also allows to swap the image with a custom one and all of the animation including size and location remain the same.

3. The imagery animation technology is now a lot better. There is no need to break them down any more as to avoid problems that yet took place. We can now do it with the mask animation.

4. More to it, we have reconfigured the layers. This gave us the possibility to change the view of animation to a more user friendly one.

The Dynamic SWiSH templates updates:

All of the listed above is applicable to the site structure, please, see below:

1. Concerning the partially filled gallery we made a decision on creating a fully functioning gallery.

2. The Pop Ups were added and updated with the automatic widening area – the dynamic scrolling aimed at content adding.

3. All of the “read more” buttons have a unique linking and a special Pop Up with automatically widening area called dynamic scrolling.

4. Also, we have worked out a new content animation structure – each page in one frame. That gave us the option of smooth and numerous pages inserting.

5. In addition, we have restructured a tfile_main.html file. All of the variable names are now intuitively understood.

For instance,
&url_img_page1_pic1= http://yourcompany.com

6. Fully functioning contact form with the possibility of writing emails along with the kind of server given in tfile_main.html file.


7. The gallery as well has an intuitively understood structure and is built on the content basis, one frame – one separate page. This is done to simplify the gallery editing and adding the pages.

You can use all of these features starting from the template #14284.
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