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What are the best SEO plugins for WordPress?

Ammy Brown May 2, 2018
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Your website is ready. What are the best SEO plugins for WordPress? We will try to reply to this question in this tutorial.

There no need to be SEO expert to make sure your website is ranked high. The best way to optimize website SEO is additional plugin installation. You can find a great variety of SEO plugins in the Internet. We are going to provide you info about 9 the most popular plugins.

  1. Yoast SEO is the most downloadable SEO plugin. The plugin allows you to add meta data to all your website content: posts, pages, categories. We suggest you a key features of this plugin:

    • This plugin included the most advanced XML sitemaps.

    • Page Analysis option is included. Plugin analyze your website mete description and keywords.

    • You will have full control over your breadcrumbs.

    • It allows you to avoid duplicated content.

    • Page redirection is available. The most likely you will remove pages or posts from your websites. Their links will redirect to 404 not found page. Such situation can confuse site visitors. To avoid that you can easily redirect deleted page URL to the other page link.

    • It allows you to preview the way your site will look like on different social networks once someone shares it.

    • Multiple keywords. Unlike other plugins Yoast SEO allows you to add multiple keywords. Which helps to increase your site ranking.

    • Have multisite and don’t know how to optimize their SEO? Use Yoast SEO. This plugin is fully compatible with multisites.

    You can visit official Yoast SEO plugin page to get more info about this plugin.

  2. All in One SEO Pack plugin has fee version which is the most suitable for the beginners and it has paid version that could be useful for a developers. This plugin is created to make SEO optimization easier and more comfortable. Let see plugin core features:

    • It supports XML Sitemap, Google AMP and Google Analytics.

    • With the help of this plugin you can add meta data to custom post types.

    • Advanced Canonical URLs can be added in plugin settings.

    • It has an automatic notifications for Google about changes on your website. That allows your to update your search engine information without additional editing.

    • We can admit plugin compatibility with many free plugins.

    • Has no compatibility issues with the most recent PHP version

  3. SEO Ultimate is the other plugin which gives you full control over the website’s SEO. The key features of this plugin are:

    • Meta data editing.

    • You can easily optimize images.

    • You can easily use set up SEO for multilingual site.

    • You can import SEO data to your website.

    • It allows you to add custom social sharing.

    You can visit SEO Ultimate page to get more about this plugin

  4. Squirrly SEO plugin is a great SEO tool for beginners. The main plugin features are the main prove:

    • This plugin helps you to optimize your content while you are typing. It allows you save time greatly.

    • You can use SEO settings added in the other plugin. Squirrly SEO will not overwrite them. But you can optimize them to your needs.

    • It allows you to see the most popular keywords and topics your site visitors are looking for.

    • You can easily control the way your site looks like on Google.

    • It generates your site’s XML Sitemap for Google and Bing

  5. Premium SEO Pack plugin allows you:

    • To add noindex and nofollow options for all posts.

    • To edit pages/posts directly from admin panel preview page.

    • To add SEO patterns for all posts types.

    • It’s fully compatible with Woocommerce and other ecommerce plugins.

    • Also it can be used for WordPress Multisite.

    You can always get more from the plugin official page.

  6. Google Analytics WD plugin could be used for adding Google Analytics code to your website. You can easily customize your tracking code in this plugin. We can sum up a few core features:

    • It has all the analytics info you can find in Google Analytics.

    • You can use it to get statistic for all pages or posts on their editing pages.

    • It is used to manage users permissions and configure site speed.

  7. SEOPressor

    • This plugin allows you to add star ratting to the Google Search page.

    • You can use this plugin for keywords optimization.

    • Install this plugin in case you need to over optimization.

    • Use it to add multiple keywords to your site.

    To get more info we recommend that you check the official plugin page.

  8. Meta SEO is used to:

    • Rewrite default website <title> tag.

    • Add meta data to all blog posts.

    • Add rel=”canonical” and rel=”nofollow” to the site links.

    • prevent search engines from indexing archives pages.

That is it! You have some vision about WordPress SEO plugins now. It’s up to you to select plugin you wish to you.

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