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WordPress Cherry 3.x. How to edit home page (generated with shortcodes)

This tutorial will show you how to edit home page in WordPress.

The Home page of Cherry WordPress template is usually created via shortcodes. In order to customize the content, you should navigate to Pages -> All pages in your WordPress admin panel. Locate your Home page. You will see a number of shortcodes there:


Let’s check a few examples:

  1. [recent_posts  num="3" type="post" post_format="standard"  meta="true" thumb="true" thumb_width="390" 
    thumb_height="250" category="Security Software" excerpt_count="0"  custom_class="list_1"]

    recent_posts points that most recently added items will appear in the area;
    type="post" means the section is created with Posts, so you should open Posts -> All section to manage names or excerpts shown on the home page;
    category=" XXXXX" specifies the category used in this case;
    custom_class="list_1″ defines the style (layout) for this specific block:


  2. [banner img="http://the_link_to_image_directory/page1_img1.jpg" banner_link="http://www.google.com/" title="About Us" 
    text="Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consadipiscing elit. Suspendisse pretium  eros eros,posuere lorem venenatis sit amet. 
    Aliquam lacurnalil, volutpat sit  amet vestibulum. " btn_text="Read More" target="_self"  

    img="http://the_link_to_image_directory/page1_img1.jpg" shows the path to the banner image;
    banner_link="http://www.google.com/" allows to set up custom URL for the banner;
    through ‘title’ and ‘text’ tabs you can set up needed content for the banner, etc.;

  3. The shortcodes like [tags], [categories], etc. mean you have to edit Posts -> Tags, Posts -> Categories or sections alike.

Shortcodes might differ in templates. Feel free to check more details on how to work with them at WordPress. How to use shortcodes (based on Cherry plugin).

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

WordPress. Hot to edit home page (generated with shortcodes)

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