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WordPress. How to rename tooltips on social icons

This tutorial will show you how to change names of tooltips on social icons in WordPress.

WordPress. How to rename tooltips on social icons

In order to change tooltips text on the social icons, you should edit ‘static-social-networks.php’ file. Log into the dashboard of your site and navigate to the Appearance> Editor> themeXXXXX section. Find the needed file in the list of the available items – ‘static-social-networks.php’. You will have to modify the php code:

  1. Copy the current array for the social networks (that should be around line 8):

    $social_networks  = array("twitter", "google", "facebook",  "rss"); 

    Paste it below and edit it to look as follows:

    $social_networks_titles  = array(__('Follow us on Twitter, CURRENT_THEME),__('Follow us on google',  CURRENT_THEME),
    __('Follow us on facebook', CURRENT_THEME), __('Follow us on  RSS', CURRENT_THEME));


    ‘Follow us on …’ text can be replaced with your custom one. This text specifically will appear as a tooltip.

  2. Then scroll down and locate the following piece of code (it should be around line 12):
    echo  '<li><a href="'.of_get_option($social_networks[$i]).'"  title="'.$social_networks[$i].'">
    <img  src="'.of_get_option($social_networks[$i]."_icon").'"  alt="'.$social_networks[$i].'"></a></li>';

    Modify that to look as follows below:

    echo  '<li><a href="'.of_get_option($social_networks[$i]).'"  title="'.$social_networks_titles[$i].'">
      <img  src="'.of_get_option($social_networks[$i]."_icon").'"  alt="'.$social_networks_titles[$i].'"></a></li>';


Update the file and refresh your site. Tooltips text should be successfully modified.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

WordPress. How to rename tooltips on social icons

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