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WordPress WYWIWYG editor overview

While editing posts or pages WordPress offers you to use the embedded WYSIWYG editor. You are free to disable it and use the HTML mode to format your posts.

Let’s see what functionality the editor offers:

Upload/Insrt – icons allow you to insert image, video, audio or some media item from the library.

Visual/HTML – buttons allow you to switch between html and editor modes.


Simple View

WP Editor 1(click to enlarge)

1. Text formatting buttons (bold, italic and strakethrough)

2. The buttons that allow you to create ordered and onordered lisits. The button with the quote icon allow you to create blockquote blocks.

3. These buttons allow you to modify the text alignment (left, center, right)

4. Allow you to insert/remove link and add the Read More tag. Tead More tags allow you to create custom post excerpts.

5. Buttons allow you check the post spelling, toggle full screen mode and enable/disable the extender editor view.


Extended View

WP Editor 2(click to enlarge)

1. Allows you to select the paragraph format.

2. Additional formatting tools. Allow you to enable the underline style for the selected text, make text paragraph fit the page width and select the text color.

3. Buttons allow you to insert plain text, text from Microsoft Word application and clear all formatting.

4. The button allow you to insert custom character.

5. Allow you to manage paragraph indent.

6. These buttons are used to undo/redo your changes and open the Editor help.


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