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XML Flash. Add new page and menu item (AS2)

  1. Open the ‘sources/flash’ folder.
  2. Open the ‘tfile_main.xml’ file in Dreamweaver and locate the menu text.
  3. Duplicate one of the menu items and paste it right under the last one, prior to the </section>.  Specify the number (6) in this case and name it. For example (newpage)
  4. Locate the page, which you want to duplicate and copy the whole page text. We are going to copy the “Contact” page in this Example. NOTE: you are going to duplicate the same page when editing .FLA file.
  5. Paste the copied page under the original one, prior to the </section> script. You can now edit the page name, title and modify the text.
  6. Save this file (CTRL+S) or File -> Save
  7. Open the .FLA file in Adobe Flash program
  8. Locate the ‘menu’ movie clip in the Flash library.
  9. On the time line, create a new layer. Right click ->Insert layer.
  10. Highlight one of the existing layers and copy it. Note: Copy the whole layer (all the frames)
  11. Select the newly created layer and paste the frames which you just copied.
  12. You should now edit the item numbers and ‘num’ values via action script. Note: this should be done for each frame (dots on the timeline).
  13. Click on the ‘dot’ to select, navigate to the properties panel and change the item number. (previous button was under number 5, so this one should be  ‘item6’ )
  14. Click on the button frame, which you can see on the Scene itself and press F9 key to open the Action Script panel.
  15. Change the ‘num’ value from ‘5’ to ‘6’.
  16. Repeat this process for each key frame, moving the item on the Scene to a new location.
  17. After that is done, double click on the button object in the Scene until you get to the actual text frame.
  18. You should now add a new frame on the time line. Copy the existing actions script frames (layer 3 and layer 4) and paste to the newly added frame.
  19. Click on the newly added frame on the Layer3 to select and open the action script panel (F9 key)
  20. Change the (thisText) number. In this case it should be number ‘6’
  21. We are done with menu item. We should now add a new page. Navigate to the Flash Library and locate the movie clip for pages. Usually called “pages”, “pages_all”, pages2” or “all_content”.
  22. On the timeline, locate the last page frame, which always goes prior the “read more” pages. There, you should insert a new frame. (key F5). Copy the existing frames from the other page (the same page, which you have duplicated in the XML file) In this case, it is “contact” page. Select all the frames for that specific page, right click and Copy Frames.
  23. Select all the frames for the newly added space for the new page and paste the frames.
  24. Publish your .FLA file to see the changes.


Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

XML Flash. Add new page and menu item
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