XML Flash. How to create inner pages links

Ray Taylor May 4, 2012
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In this tutorial you will learn how to create Inner Page links in XML Flash templates (AS2)

Open ‘tfile_main.xml’ file from ‘sources/flash’ folder. in some cases, we will find ‘main.xml’ file in ‘sources/flash/xml’ folder.

Find a page, on which we want add button with link to inner page.

Add new text:


Save this file.

Open ‘.fla’ file, located in the ‘sources/flash’ folder.

Find ‘menu’ movie clip in the library. Usually called ‘menu’, ‘menu_mov’ or ‘menu all’

Find a button layer for the menu item and open Action Script panel.

we should find and copy the on (release) { script

Find all pages movie clip in the library. Usually called ‘all_pages’, ‘pages2’, ‘all_content’ or ‘content’

Create new text field.

Specify Instance name in the properties panel and add Action Script for this text

Using a Rectangular tool, create object to cover our new text field.

Convert new object to a button

Cover text field with new button created.

Open Action Script panel of new button and paste the script which we have copied from the menu item.

Change ‘link_num’ to a page number.

For example, since we want our new button to open a Contact page, we should replace ‘link_num’ with number 5

Publish .FLA file to see the preview.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

XML Flash. How to create inner pages links.

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