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XML Flash. How to place a simple static image instead of Google Map

In this tutorial you will learn how to how to replace default google map image with your own. You will also learn how to create google map page in HTML and assign link for it.

1) Open ‘index.html’ file in the browser to see the default preview of the template.

2) Open ‘main.xml‘ file from /site_flash/xml‘ folder in any text editor.

3) Find contact page and replace default image name with the one you want to use instead.

4) Save this file.

5) Place your new image file into the specified folder/directory.

6) Reload your site to see the changes.

Please NOTE: you may need to clean your browser cache.

Since Google Maps API for Flash has been officially deprecated as of September 2, 2011, we can create an HTML file and place our map there, using an Iframe.

1) Go to google.com and choose ‘map’ tab

2) Specify your address.

3) Click on the ‘link’ sign and copy the Iframe code

4) Create new HTML document and place the copied code into the body.

5) Save this file. We have named it ‘map.html’ in this example.

6) Nowe we can specify a dirrect link to our Map.

7) You can style this page to fit the overall template layout.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

XML Flash. How to place a simple static image instead of Google Map
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