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CherryFramework 4. How to edit social icons in MotoPress Slider

This tutorial is going to show you how to edit social icons added as MotoPress slider‘s layer.

MotoPress slider offers you a lot of customization options. You are able to create as many layers as you need. The layers can be presented as a text, image or button.

  1. To start editing, open MotoPress Slider > MotoPress Slider tab in WordPress dashboard and press Edit slides button on the right.

    How to edit social icons in MotoPress Slider.1
  2. Select the slide that you wish to update. Let’s say it’s Slide-1, open it to Edit.

    How to edit social icons in MotoPress Slider.2
  3. Once the slide is opened, focus on a necessary element, in our case, these are social icons. Then the appropriate layer settings will appear.

  4. In order to edit the icons, you should select Text editor. If you wish to change the icon, replace its Fontawesome class name, for example, fa-facebook-square with fa-twitter and change the link.

    Note: Link should be added without closing slash at the end!

    How to edit social icons in MotoPress Slider.3
  5. Save the slide and preview the changes.

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