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Drop down menu module "mod_maximenu_CK"

The module is used to create the drop down menus in Joomla templates. It contains various configuration options and animation effects.

If the template you ordered contains the mod_maximenu module it can be found in the templete sources folder, search for the mod_maximenu_CK.zip file.

If the module is not included into the template you can download it from extensions.joomla.org



There are 2 ways to install the mod_maximenu_CK module.

1. Installation through Joomla admin panel

  • Open Joomla admin panel
  • go to Extensions>Install/Uninstall
  • in the Upload Package File block click Browse and select your mod_maximenu_CK.zip file and click Upload File and Install

If the installation has been completed correctly the Maxi Menu CK for Joomla! module will be available through the Extensions>Modules Manager


2. Manual installation

In case you have some issues with the installation through Joomla admin panel feel free to install the module manually using the following procedure:

  • extract the files from the mod_maximenu_CK.zip archive to your computer
  • make sure the folder with the module files is called mod_maximenu_CK (without any numbers)
  • upload mod_maximenu_CK folder to the modules directory of your Joomla installation.
  • move the en-GB.mod_maximenu_CK from the mod_maximenu_CK folder to the language\en-GB directory of your Joomla instalation.
  • Open Joomla admin panel, go to Extensions>Modules manager and click New button. The Maxi Menu CK for Joomla! should be available in the list.



The Maxi Menu CK configuration screen looks like the following:

The only option that you should modify is the Menu to render – here you should select the menu that would be rendered with the mod_maximenu_CK module. Also don;t forget to select the module position in the left column.

If you want to have more information on the module configuration please refer to the mod_maximenu_CK manual.



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