Flash site getting stuck on loading

Phil Nowak November 15, 2010
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Issue: I have uploaded my flash site to a web server and now it’s getting stuck on loading! Please, help!

Solution: There may be several reasons for blocking the flash content from loading on your server.

First of all, please check the name of the ".SWF" file. – It must be the lowercase letters. If you are using a Windows server, you can create file names with no regard to upper or lower case. People can still view pages on their PC. If you are on a UNIX or another server that is case sensitive, then links that worked on your local PC will no longer work on the server. Thus, " Header.htm" and " header.htm" are two different files on a server.

Also, please, check if you are using the default index.html file (related to Flash and XML Flash templates). Flash software create SWF and index.html file by defaults when publishing FLA file. Do not use the HTML file published, use the default one located in the folder SITE_FLASH.

Newest Flash templates use JS scripts to have a stretched background and for some additional features for you should check the structure of the uploaded template – it should be absolutely same, same folders and file names.


Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

Flash site getting stuck on loading
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