Magento. How to add a category

Ammy Brown November 15, 2010
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This tutorial is going to show you how to add categories in Magento.

Magento. How to add a category

All the main categories are displayed as a horizontal menu at the front end. In order to add a new one, you should follow the steps below:

  1. Log inin to your Magento admin panel.

  2. Select Manage Categories option from the drop down menu under Catalog button in the main admin panel menu:


  3. Here you can see all the categories used on your site. They are stored in Default category. Categories structure is the following: Default category > Main Categories > Subcategories:


  4. In the Categories panel on the left, click to select the level that you want to be the parent of the new category. Click “Add Subcategory” button:


Each category has several tabs in its settings. Tabs are the following:

General information

General information allows you to add category description:


  • Type the Name of the category.

  • Set Is Active to Yes.

  • Enter the category description.

  • Select and upload the category image. It will appear on the front end of each category between the category name and the content. Click the Browse button to upload an image for the category.

  • Complete the Meta Keywords and Meta Description.

  • Specify Page Title. It will appear on the category page browser tab.

  • Set Include in Navigation Menu option to Yes if you would like your new category appear on your site menu.

Display Settings

You can configure category display settings under Display Settings section. Here you can add static block on the category page. It allows you to add more information (text, images, video…) on the category page. On the Display Settings tab you can do the following:


  • Specify Display Mode. It can be set to Products only, Static Block only and Static Block and Products.

  • You can choose CMS block you would like to add to the category page under CMS Block field.

  • If you want this category page to display the “filter by attribute” section of layered navigation, set Is Anchor to “Yes.”

  • Available Product Listing Sort By section allows you to select one of the available values to sort the list. Default values are the following:
    • Best Value

    • Name

    • Price

  • Set default product listing sort value under Default Product Listing Sort By section.

Custom Design

Custom Design allows you to create custom design for each category:


  • Set Use Parent Category Settings to Yes if you would like to use main category settings for your newly created category.

  • You can apply category settings for your store products. Set Apply To Products to Yes.

  • Select custom design you would like to use for your category from Custom Design drop-down.

  • Specific design can stay active from the date you choose under Active From till the date you specify under Active To field.

  • Page Layout drop down let you choose category page layout. The following options are available:

    • Empty

    • 1 column

    • 2 columns with left bar

    • 2 columns with right bar.

    • 3 columns

  • Add your custom settings under Custom Layout Update field.

Category Products

You will see all products assigned to the category under Category Products tab:


Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

Magento. How to add a category

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