WordPress Cherry 3.x. How to change color scheme (css + images)

Kate Daniels November 17, 2014
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This tutorial will show you how to change color scheme in WordPress.

WordPress. How to change color scheme (css + images)
Some color settings can be found under Cherry options > General tab. You can check available options there:

WordPress_How_to_change_color_scheme_(css_ images)

  1. Let’s change Body text color and font size:

    WordPress_How_to_change_color_scheme_(css_ images)_3

  2. Change color and font size values and click Save options button.

  3. Refresh your page to see changes on the site.

Most of colors are edited in css files. Colors are defined in main-style.css file. In order to change color, you should copy the code from main-style.css file and paste it to style.css file under Appearance > Editor in WordPress dashboard. Feel free to check out the following tutorial to learn more on this.

  1. Let’s change the color of menu button. Inspect element using Firebug software:

    WordPress_How_to_change_color_scheme_(css_ images)_1

  2. Copy css rule and paste it to style.css file:

    WordPress_How_to_change_color_scheme_(css_ images)_2

  3. Change default color code to the desired one and click Update file.

  4. Refresh your page to see changes on the site.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

WordPress. How to change color scheme (css + images)

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