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How to edit text in HTML based template

The following tutorial will show you how to change any text in the HTML based template. The tutorial is valid for such template types as

  • Full Site (static version)
  • Flash or Swish Animated (static version)
  • Flash or Swish template (static version)
  • CSS Template
  • Static Full Site
  • Full Package (static version)
  • Dynamic Flash or Swish(static version)
  • XML Flash (static version).

First of all open the template directory. Depending on the template version please open site(static) or site_flash(animated) folders.

In the folder you can see several HTML files: indexindex-1, index-2 etc. Each index file is a separate page of your template. These files could be modified with your HTML editor (Notepad, Adobe Dreamweaver etc). Open any index file with the HTML editor. You can use the Find and Replace tool (CTRL+F) and search for the button titles or just scroll down through the code.

To make the customization more easy you can switch to the Design mode in Dreamweaver. It will offer your more intuitive way of locating and editing the template components.


Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

How to edit text in HTML based template
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