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How to Make People Visit My Blog

Hi there! People often ask me how to make people visit my blog? I would like to say that a great form of this question would be “how to make my blog good enough for people to want to visit it”. In this case answering the question becomes a lot, lot easier. You just have to make sure that your blog has tree essential components of strategy, that every successful blog should have:

Valuable content

The first component is the valuable content. Blogs are that what they are all about the content. What you post has to have value. That’s the biggest thing about your blog and about your content. Just make sure you do not post junk content, that you always post something valuable. You should write about what you are good at, what you are expert at. Make sure that what you post is consistent. This means that one topic equals one blog article.

User-friendly design

The second component of a successful blog is the user-friendly design. We can divide this section into two subsections. They are not equally important, but I will tell you about both of them:

  1. 80% of this component is a quality design on the technical side, which means the WordPress theme. This includes the style of how the WordPress theme is coded. The WordPres theme has to have beautiful text’s styles. It also has to be mobile-friendly, which means that people can read your content from various mobile devices.

  2. The remaining 20% of this component is the content organization which means how you arrange the blog articles that you post. This means that when you prepare the article, you make sure that content is scan-able and it is easy to read and it is easy to perceive:

    • Use small articles of text. Don’t post big junks of text because they are very hard to read. People are always on the run and it is hard for people to read big sections of text. No matter how valuable your content is. It’s a waste of time and people will not be able to read it and will not want to read it.

    • Make lists when you count some staff that you post about. Do not post them in one line. Just make sure that you make lists because it is a lot easier to understand and to scan with the eye.

    • Use sufficient amount of headings in your text because that is also very helpful in terms of scan-ability of your content.

    • Also, use images, just for the fun. People love images, people love visual components in your content.

The on-page search optimization

And the last but not least is the on-page search optimization. Even though you write your content for people primarily, you have to think how people will get to this content.

In most cases the biggest source of traffic for your blog would be the search engine. This means that your posts, your content, has to be arranged accordingly. It has to be composed according to the guidelines of search engines to make it scan-able for search engines and to make sure that the content and its elements are optimized for the key words that you want people to get to your post from.

Make a check list of search optimization actions. They have be take before positing the content. Make key word research before you start writing. This means that you have to know what people will search for, with what keywords they will get to your article.

Then, when you have the keyword located, you have to optimize your text, article title, optimize the URL (web address), images and, perhaps, some additional stuff. These are essential ones.

To make things easier, you may install search optimization plugins for your WordPress installation. This will simplify the process greatly and you will be able to take this actions step by step and just to make sure you don’t forget anything. One good plugin for this will be a Yoast SEO plugin. This is basically a check-list of search optimization actions you have to take before your post goes life. There are tons of other ones, which are good for this purpose. Just Google search for WordPress SEO plugins. I am sure you will have a lot of results that will work fine for you.

That is it for now. Thank you for watching and feel free to ask questions in the comments.

How to Make People Visit My Blog

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