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Joomla Framework. How to edit K2 item “read more” button titles

In this tutorial you will learn the way to edit read more button titles in Joomla templates with K2 component.

Most of items using read more are based on K2 content module and you can edit read more titles only in proper language files.

  1. The first you need to do is to make sure what module your block is using. You can easily locate module used by the block you need to update by opening your admin panel and then Extensions >> Module Manager

    Then you just need to publish/unpublish modules and refresh your website to see changes. As soon as you unpublish proper module your block will be removed from the website.

  2. Now we need to open FTP and locate Joomla root folder then open folder “Languages” and then folder with the language you use – the default one is “en-GB” – English language folder.

    Here you can see all the language files used in your template, you need to scroll down and locate template language file – regularly it is used to override default language values

    You should search and open file with a similar file name – en-GB.tpl_themeXXX.ini

  3. When you have file opened you just need to search for the text to change, e.g. “Read More”.

    Note that if you have different module then “Module K2 content” you should search different file, all the files are name appropriately so it is easy to locate

    Note, some templates may not use overrides due to design peculiarities and you may need to update module language file insted of template one, just open following file in same folder “en-GB.mod_k2_content.ini”

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Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

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