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Joomla Framework. Quick complete installation

This tutorial shows how to install Joomla engine and Joomla theme using the fullpackage.zip file from the template package.

Fullpackage.zip file is located in the "joomla" folder of your template package. It contains Joomla engine, Joomla themes and theme sample data (sample articles, additional modules and components, website settings).

Please do not use this guide if you have a running Joomla website. Installing fullpackage.zip will replace all your files and website content with sample ones.

1. First of all upload fullpackage.zip and unzip.php files to your hosting server.

2. In your browser type http://your-domain-name/unzip.php. You should see the following page:

3. In the "Choose your zip file" select box choose fullpackage.zip

4. In the "Unzip to" field type the directory where you want to extract the files. If you want to extract the to your server root – leave the field blank.

Fullpackage.zip contains more than 6000 of files so the unzipping process can take several minutes.

When the extracting is complete remove /unzip.php from the browser address bar or type the root to the extracted files.

5. The default Joomla installation procedure begins. Please follow the instructions on the screen.

6. At the Main Configuration step please make sure to click the Install Sample data button. This will make your Joomla installation appear as the template preview.

Complete all steps of the installation to see your installed Joomla template

Feel free to check the details video tutorial below:

Joomla Framework. Quick complete installation

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