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Joomla. How to install Joomla engine and template to GoDaddy (fullpackage install)

This tutorial shows how to install Joomla engine and Joomla template to the GoDaddy hosting server using fullpackage.zip archive

1. First of all log in to your GoDaddy hosting account and go to Content > FTP File Manager.

Choose the directory where you want to install Joomla and open it.

2. Then open the downloaded Joomla template. This tutorial assumes that you’ve already extracted all files from the template package. Otherwise please check the detailed video tutorials on how to extract files from the template package on MAC and PC.

Open the template package and go to joomla directory. There you can see the fullpackage.zip archive. It should be uploaded to your GoDaddy hosting server.

In the FTP File Manager interface click Upload button, choose fullpackage.zip and upload it.

When done you need to extract files from the fullpackage.zip. Use extract button from the top menu of the FTP File Manager

3. When the extracting is complete you can proceed to the Joomla engine installation.

Open your browser and in the address bar type your domain name and path to the Joomla installation directory. You will see Joomla engine installation initial screen. Follow instructions on the screen to install Joomla engine.

At the 4th step you will need database details. Don’t forget to create a MySQL database as it’s required by the Joomla engine.

Learn More on how to create database with GoDaddy

At the 6th step you’ll need to create a Joomla administrator account and install sample data.

If you want the template to appear as at the preview page please install sample data. It is included into the fullpackage.zip and can be installed clicking on the Install Sample data button.

For more details please check the video tutorial below:

Joomla. How to install Joomla engine and template to GoDaddy (fullpackage install)

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