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Joomla. Infinite loop detected in JError

This tutorial is going to help you with the "Infinite loop detected in JError" in Joomla 1.7.

The following error: Infinite loop detected in JError

occurs due to some parameters in configuration.php that are wrongly filled in. This may happen when you have moved a Joomla 1.7 site from your local server to a remote server.

In order to solve the problem, you need to doublecheck if the following variables in your
configuration.php file are correct:

  public $dbtype = 'mysqli'; // if your server doesn't support mysqli, try
  public $host = '[some host]';
  public $user = '[some database user]';
  public $password = '[some password]'; // wrong password could be the cause
  public $db = '[some database]';
  public $dbprefix = '[someprefix_]';
  public $log_path = '/logs';
  public $tmp_path = '/tmp';

To get detailed information about the error, open the error.php file located in /libraries/joomla/error/ on your server. In the following code:

public static function throwError(&$exception)
  static $thrown = false;
  // If thrown is hit again, we've come back to JError in the middle of throwing
  another JError, so die!
  if ($thrown) {
  // echo debug_print_backtrace();

change this line

// echo debug_print_backtrace();


  echo debug_print_backtrace();

Once you have done that, save the changes, go back to your site and instead of the former error you are going to see more detailed information on what settings in your configuration.php should be

Please, also watch the video tutorial below.

Joomla. Infinite loop detected in JError

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