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October 11, 2012. Responsive Prestashop Themes

Alex Ross October 15, 2012
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Just consider all the different ways people can access the internet: desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, eReaders, and more. Add to that the plethora of web browsers and operating systems in use, and the fact you’re able to view websites at all starts to seem like a small miracle. To ease web-surfing experience responsive web design was invented it includes the theory of fluid design but uses media queries, scripts and technologies that can reformat web pages and mark-up effortlessly (or automatically).

Today Responsive web design is walking tall across the Internet. Every self respecting website has already been adapted under the needs of mobile users, making things easier for the visitors. With responsive web design, you know anyone can view your pages no matter what device they’re using.

The in-house dev team of TemplateMonster did a great job taking responsive web design and developing it into a line of Responsive Prestashop Themes that we are really proud of.

The goal has been keeping us swamped this fall. There was really a lot of work done on the functional adaptation of the stores to mobile/tablet screen dimensions. That is, it is not just a permutation of blocks and increase/decrease of images together with font size these themes almost turned into an “apps for smart phones”. All elements and modules of these themes were redrawn and restyled. Everything was changed including the layout of the Shopping Cart and Checkout, “smart” increase of the product description was thoroughly thought out and patented, Ajax scripts were added to reload pages. The elements for touch screens were carefully thought out and realized in the most user-friendly way.

Let’s run through the coolest and most important features.

Below you can see three main layouts of Responsive Prestashop Themes. Nothing noteworthy from the first sight, but hold on there are plenty of interesting things waiting to be clicked at

Let’s start from the top panel; in the right part of it you can see the symbols: Language, Currency and Log In.

Here is what happens when clicking this or that button, there appear dropdowns with 5 optional languages and 3 currencies.

In a mobile layout this panels adopts the site menu, simply resize your browser window to check it out.

Shopping Cart

Now let’s have a look at new shopping cart options and capabilities:

While surfing the shop user may change his mind considering previous product choice, now there is no need to open the Cart page to manage the list of possible purchases, simply press the Cart there will appear a dropdown, press the cross and the product will be deleted from the cart, simple as a pie.

One more great thing has been added to the Cart: the product is being added with pretty animation.

When you press the button Add to Cart the thumbnail of this goodie flies across the page to the cart, then the dropdown opens showing you that the product was successfully added to the cart. Simple but highly effective way to let user know that the product is already in the Cart.

Product View

There is one great thing that cannot be bypassed that is a smart increase of the product preview, it’s especially cool for touch screens, simply tap the area marked with red arrow and move your finger or stylus within the square to see an increased preview of the product. The slider under the product image is also tap friendly, you can scroll the images with your finger or the stylus.


What’s next is the Categories list. No matter what device you browse web with the panel will be on the screen of your device. On higher resolution screens it will look unchanged, but starting from the tablet layout it will shrink into the dropdown, pretty nice, huh!

Product Options

Each product page contains various options and parameter of a specific product. At lib one can either Open them or Close. When closed each field’ bar will change its color from black to orange.

Specials Page

Lets have a look at the Specials page, by default there are available two types of product previews: Mosiac and List.

More newcomers popped up in the responsive web design space. Now it’s time to have a look at other Responsive Prestashop Themes.

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