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Prestashop.1.6. How to add a Shipping Carrier

This tutorial shows how to add a Shipping Carrier in PrestaShop 1.6.x.

Prestashop.1.6. How to add a Shipping Carrier

  1. Log into the backend of your PrestaShop and go to Shipping -> Carriers -> Add new carrier:


  2. Insert General settings for your new carrier and go to the Next step:

    • Carrier name – Enter the carrier’s title. For in-store pickup, enter 0 to replace the carrier name with your shop name.

    • Transit time – Estimated delivery time.

    • Speed grade – Speed class of carrier.

    • Logo – Click on Choose a file to upload the carrier company logo.

    • Tracking URL – Package delivery tracking:


  3. Set Shipping locations and costs to proceed to the next step:

    • Add handling costs – Include the handling costs (as set in Shipping > Preferences) in the final carrier price.

    • Free shipping – Enable/disable it.

    • Billing – Select either According to total price or According to total weight.

    • Tax – Choose the products tax type.

    • Out-of-range behavior – What to do with the carrier if a customer orders a product out of scope of the carrier.

    • Ranges – Select the geographical range for your carrier:


  4. Set maximum values for Size, weight, and group access. These are not mandatory fields:


  5. On the Summary step you can review and check the set carrier information and enable/disable it.

  6. Click Finish to save the new carrier:


    You should see the new carrier in the list now:


Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

Prestashop.1.6. How to add a Shipping Carrier

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