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PrestaShop 1.6.x. How to manage Admin Panel menus

This tutorial provides an explanation on how to manage Admin Panel menus in PrestaShop 1.6.x.

Navigate to the Administration -> Menus section in your PrestaShop Admin Panel. You can see the list of your Dashboard pages there.


Let’s review how can you manage them.

  1. Choose the needed menu item, and click the Edit button at the right side.


    You can edit the menu’s Name (for each of your languages), Class, Module (if there is the one used for this menu item), and Status (you can enable or disable this menu item).

    Once you are done, press the Save button at the bottom to save your changes.

  2. In order to review the subpages of the specific menu item, you can simply press this item or click the Details button at the right side.


    You will be able to manage the submenu items there the same way as the main menu items (edit, delete, etc.).

  3. In order to delete a menu item, press the Delete button at the right side.

  4. You can also disable a menu item directly from the list. You need to click the checkmark in the Enabled column of the list table. Once you disable it, the menu item will not be visible in the Dashboard. Please, note, that it affects all the backoffice users.

    To enable the menu page back, you will need to click the cross mark in the Enabled column.

  5. In order to sort the menu items, you can use the drag-and-drop feature. Choose the needed item, hover over the Position column and drag-and-drop the item to the desired place.


    Once you are done with the rearrangements, refresh the page to see your changes.

  6. Another useful tool is the Bulk actions button. You can use it in order to Select all the pages, Unselect all the pages, Enable status for selected pages, Disable status for selected pages as well as Delete selected pages.

  7. Also, you have a handful option to create a new menu item in your Admin Panel. Press the Add new menu button at the top.


    Let’s review the fields you need to fill in:

    • Name – it should be a unique name, because it will serve as an internal identifier.

    • Class – PrestaShop Admin panel pages are based on specific internal PHP files, which are called Admin Controllers. They are stored in the /controllers/admin/ folder of your PrestaShop installation. When creating a new menu item, you must know which controller to target, and most importantly the name of its class which is the name of its respective PHP file.

      For instance, let’s create a page displaying PrestaShop’s backup administration page. Navigate to the /controllers/admin/ directory on your server.


      The file’s name is AdminBackupController.php. Thus you need to enter AdminBackup class (the name of the respective PHP file without “Controller” in the end) to the Class field.

    • Module – in some cases, the administration controller for which you want to create a page comes from a module. If so, you must also indicate the identifier for the module (in most cases, its folder name) and copy it to the Module field, in lowercase. This way, PrestaShop will know that it should not look for the controller in the /controllers/admin/ folder, but rather in the /modules/name-of-the-module/ folder.

    • Status – this option allows you to enable/disable a page at any time.

    • Parent – you can choose any menu, however, it is recommended to pick the one to which the page you are creating is relevant. For example, if you want to create a new menu page, choose Home as the parent.

    Press the Save button below when you are done. Your new menu item appeared in the Admin Panel.


Now you know how to manage Admin Panel menus in PrestaShop 1.6.x.

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Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

PrestaShop 1.6.x. How to manage Admin Panel menus
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