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Shopify. How to add item to megamenu

In this tutorial you will learn how to add a new menu item to the MegaMenu in Shopify templates.

Shopify. How to add item to megamenu

  1. Log into your Admin panel and navigate to the Themes Section.

  2. Click on the Customize theme button.

  3. Open the Megamenu option to see the default 6 items.

  4. In this example, we will add new menu item with Custom Link, just like About Us and/orContact Us menu items.

  5. Go Back to Themes page and select Edit HTML/CSS option.

  6. Under Snippets section, locate and open widget-megamenu.liquid file. Under Config section, open settings_data.json and settings_schema.json files.

  7. In the widget-megamenu.liquid file locate the menu item which you wish to duplicate, in our example we will use Item 6 for that matter.

  8. Copy the code of item 6 and paste it right bellow.

  9. Change all number 6 to number 7:

    <li class="megamenu__6">
    <a href="{{ settings.megamenu6_link }}">{{ settings.megamenu6_text }}{% if settings.megamenu6_badge and settings.megamenu6_badge != '' %}<span class="menu_badge">{{ settings.megamenu6_badge }}</span>{% endif %}</a>
    <li class="megamenu__7">
    <a href="{{ settings.megamenu7_link }}">{{ settings.megamenu7_text }}{% if settings.megamenu7_badge and settings.megamenu7_badge != '' %}<span class="menu_badge">{{ settings.megamenu7_badge }}</span>{% endif %}</a>


  10. Now we need to duplicate and add our new menu item for Mobile view.

  11. Find the following code: megamenu_mobile visible-xs visible-sm.

  12. Locate and duplicate item 6. Change number 6 to number 7 as we did previously:

    <li class="megamenu__7">
    <a href="{{ settings.megamenu7_link }}">{{ settings.megamenu7_text }}</a>


  13. Save this file.

  14. Open settings_data.json and add the following code:

    "megamenu7_text": "Test",
    "megamenu7_link": "\/pages\/contact-us",
    "megamenu7_badge": "",


  15. Lastly, open settings_schema.json file and add the following code:

    "type": "header",
    "content": "Item 7 (new custom link)"
    "type": "text",
    "id": "megamenu7_text",
    "label": "Item name"
    "type": "text",
    "id": "megamenu7_link",
    "label": "Item URL"
    "type": "text",
    "id": "megamenu7_badge",
    "label": "Item badge (optional)"

    Note: since item 6 is no longer the last item in the list, we need to add a comma prior the new code:


  16. Save this file and go to Customize theme option to see your newly added item:


Thank you for reading this tutorial. Now you know how to add a new menu item to the MegaMenu.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

Shopify. How to add item to megamenu

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