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Shopify. How to manage featured and special products

Good news for all on-line store keepers! In our new tutorial we will show you how to make your product appear in featured section on your home page and how special price for the products can be set.

Shopify. How to manage featured and special products

If you want to emphasize the most important products, you will need to mark those products as featured.

Now let us show you how to add the product to featured products and make them appear at the front end in the Featured products section.

  1. Log into your Shopify Admin panel and go to Products:


  2. Pick up the product you want to edit and click on its title. You will be directed to the product page:


  3. Scroll to the Collection section.

    Press Add to collections button and pick the Frontpage collection from the drop down list:


  4. Frontpage collection will automatically appear on the right in the list of collections to which your product is attached.

    (In case you need to remove a product from featured section, press a cross on the right):


  5. Scroll to the bottom of the product page and press Save:


  6. Refresh your website frontend. Now your product will appear in the Featured products section on the Homepage:


  7. As well as in Frontpage collection on a collection page:


And now we will show you how to make your product Special by setting a special price for it.

  1. Go to Products. Pick up the product you want to edit:


  2. Scroll to the Inventory & variants section.

    Press Edit button:


  3. In Price field type the price you intend to charge your customers in figures. Do not type a currency symbol (the currency your store uses is set on your General Settings page).

    In Compare at price field type a higher price (such as another manufacturer’s price or a previous price) to show your customers that your current price is lower.

    Press Save button if you want to continue editing or Save and close if editing is finished:


  4. Refresh the frontend. Your theme will automatically display new price on your product page. Price from Compare at price field will appear in different font or color to indicate that you’re selling below the market or old price.

    This special product will be marked with a Sale label:


That’s it! Now you know how to manage Featured and Special products in your Shopify store.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

Shopify. How to manage featured and special products

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