What is TemplateMonster?

Eva Fox July 7, 2016
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People often ask me: “What is TemplateMonster?”

I am not making a big secret out of this, I work with TemplateMonster products on a regular basis and I do have friends in a company. So, since TemplateMonster is basically a part of my life might be a bit concerned a little biased, but in this video, I will try to operate nothing but plain facts, so will make it as unbiased as it gets.

Customer care and support in TemplateMonster

First thing is TemplateMonster is the oldest, is a very old maybe, if not oldest provider of the website templates on the Internet. It operates since 2002 and over 13 years of their life they have had over 50, 000 of items on their website. Right now they have over 30, 000 items because 20, 000 were completely outdated and they looked like a freaking nightmare, and so they had to be removed from the website.

Compared to competitors TemplateMonster is very much different. TemplateMonster is the pioneer of what is called a full cycle website template‘s business model, which means that they have the in-house team of developers, designers, and QA team and the support team. This means that the whole cycle of the product life is handled within the company and even further, people who purchased templates years ago may still address the support team and they will get assistance. If there is a question about the template it will be all handled by the single entity: the support team, the billing team, the customer care department is actually pretty sizable department within the company. They handle a lot of requests, they are pretty good in that and they are trained to do it.

TemplateMonster compared to other companies

There are various options of contacting the company that includes phone support, tickets support, live chat and stuff. That’s also can be another part of the TemplateMonster is a business is an approved process of templates production. TemplateMonster produces a lot of templates they launch from 20 to 40 templates everyday and that’s all because of the approved and fine-tuned process of templates production. Because of that, the templates that they produce may seem boring to some people and to developers who are very demanding in their work, but on the other hand people that appreciate the consistency of the product that actually works out well for most people. That’s especially easy for the end users because of this simplicity of the templates, they are kind of beginner-friendly. While ThemeForest, for example, is developer-friendly, because templates are pretty much sophisticated, TemplateMoster’s templates are beginner-friendly, they are just simple to work with. Another bonus in this consistency is that once you learn to work with one template you can say you can work with a lot of them. At least within one product range, like, work with the theme, for example. That make a main handy because some people decide to build websites for their clients, and once they learn to work with one template, they can easily set up and customize tens of templates within months or in case people just need several websites for their own business.

In case you have questions about TemplateMonser, please, feel free to ask in the comment section, I will be happy to answer. There is a lot more about this company than these several facts, but this should give you an idea of how it’s different from its competitors.

What is TemplateMonster?
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