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WordPress Blogging themes. How to set up and display the categories with Taxonomy Tiles widget

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This tutorial shows you how to set up and display the categories with Taxonomy Tiles widget in WordPress Blogging templates.

We can create the Taxonomy Tiles widget in Appearance -> Widgets, or Appearance -> Customize -> Widgets section. This widget is used to setup and display the categories.

Let’s try to set it up at the Appearance -> Customize.

  1. Log into your WordPress Admin Panel and go to Appearance -> Customize.

    WordPress_Blogging_themes-How_to set_up_and_display_the_categories_with_Taxonomy_Tiles_widget-1
  2. In the Customize section, select Widgets on the left side.

    WordPress_Blogging_themes-How_to set_up_and_display_the_categories_with_Taxonomy_Tiles_widget-2
  3. A list of Widget areas will appear. You can choose the area that you want to use for categories display.

    Let’s choose an After content full width widget area.

    WordPress_Blogging_themes-How_to set_up_and_display_the_categories_with_Taxonomy_Tiles_widget-3
  4. Click on the Add a Widget button. Select a Taxonomy Tiles widget.

    WordPress_Blogging_themes-How_to set_up_and_display_the_categories_with_Taxonomy_Tiles_widget-4
  5. Then you will fill in all the fields to show the expected categories and layout. Here is the list of settings that this widget has:

    WordPress_Blogging_themes-How_to set_up_and_display_the_categories_with_Taxonomy_Tiles_widget-5

    Let’s review all the settings:

    • Widget Title: This property specifies the widget title.

    • Choose taxonomy type: Here you can define the items selection source: by Category or Tag.

    • Select category to show: Exact category to use for posts display.

    • Select tags to show: Exact tag to use for posts display.

    • Description words length: Specify the description words length.

    • Show post count: Hide/Show information on the number of posts in the selected category.

    • Columns number: Here you can define the number of columns to display category or tag content (up to 4).

    • Tiles first item: Here you can define whether to Hide/Show magnified first item tile in the beginning.

    • Items padding (size in pixels): This property specifies the distance between the category or tag elements in px.

  6. When you’re done with the settings, refresh the front page to check the result.

    WordPress_Blogging_themes-How_to set_up_and_display_the_categories_with_Taxonomy_Tiles_widget-6

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

WordPress Blogging themes. How to set up and display the categories with Taxonomy Tiles widget

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