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WordPress Cherry 3.x. How to install a theme to GoDaddy server manually

This tutorial will show you how to upload the WordPress theme to GoDaddy server though the hosting control panel.

WordPress Cherry 3.x. How to install a theme to GoDaddy server manually

In order to install WordPress theme to GoDaddy server, you should perform the following steps:

  1. Open GoDaddy hosting control panel and go to Databases -> MySQL:


  2. Click on Add a new database:


  3. Fill out the Database name and Username, New Password and Confirm Password fields and click Ok. Write down or remember the new database credentials:


  4. Go back to the GoDaddy hosting control panel and open Tools -> File Manager:


  5. Go to the WordPress site and download the latest version of the engine https://wordpress.org/download/:


  6. Go back to the File Manager and click on the Upload -> Add file button. Choose the downloaded WordPress engine archive and upload it to the server:


  7. Select the uploaded WordPress engine archive and choose the Extract option. After extracting remove the archive:


  8. If you want to host your WordPress site in the root folder, you need to move all files from the wordpress subdirectory to the root. In order to do that, go to the wordpress subdirectory, select all files and click on Move, choose your root directory and click Ok. The wordpress subdirectory may be deleted afterwards:


  9. Enter your website URL to the browser address bar and perform the WordPress engine installation. You’ll need to choose language, fill out the database details form, specify your site name, admin name and admin password:


  10. When you’ve finished the WordPress engine installation, you need to log into your Dashboard and go to Appearance -> Themes -> Add New -> Upload Theme. Upload, install and activate the CherryFramework (if your theme needs it as parent theme) and the theme itself.

  11. Install and activate all required plugins.

  12. Import the sample data either via Cherry plugin -> Import Content or manually by uploading the uploads folder to the server and importing the SQL dump file. For more information, please check other tutorials devoted to these matters.

  13. Your WordPress site is up and running.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

WordPress Cherry 3.x. How to install a theme to GoDaddy server manually

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