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WordPress. How to add YouTube video to a post/page

This tutorial shows how to add a YouTube video to a post/page in WordPress templates.

You should follow these steps to add the video from youtube.com to a single post/page of your site:

  1. Login to the WordPress admin panel. Go to Posts > Add New or Pages > Add New. (You can also open any current post/page to edit).


    Add the title of the post/page. Make sure the page editor is set to Text (html mode).

  2. Open youtube.com and select the video that you need. Click on Share > Embed. You will see the embedded code below. Copy this code.

  3. Paste the embedded code to the post/page in Text editor. You can adjust the width and height parameters in this code. Publish and View page then.


    The video was successfully added to the post/page.

  4. In case you’d like the video to start automatically, in the embedded code, right after the link of the video, add ?autoplay=1


    Update and View Page to see that the video is autoplayed.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

WordPress. How to add YouTube video to a post/page

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