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5 Best WordPress Movie Themes 2021

There are a lot of cool WordPress Themes for movie sites. Below you will find 5 most popular, beautiful, and rated ones for you.

Template Name Sales Rating Price
Pixate - Movie Studio WordPress Theme 89 5/5 $75
INGMAR - Movie News, Reviews, Blog and Database WordPress Theme 7 5/5 $85
YouMovie - Videography Elementor WordPress Theme 47 4.5/5 $75
Watch - Movie Responsive WordPress Theme 106 5/5 $75
Movies - Movie Responsive WordPress Theme 53 5/5 $75

Nowadays many cinemas create sites for the sale of tickets. There are also entire online cinemas where you can watch movies without leaving your home. To create such an online movie theater, you need high-quality WordPress Movie templates. On this website, we have collected many different WordPress Video & Movie themes. You can create professional film galleries, film studios or video blogs to post your videos. Also, using Movie WordPress themes with premium features you can create YouTube clones or websites with the possibility to insert videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and other popular sources.

What Features Should Have a Movie WordPress Theme?

WordPress is a premium CMS based on which more than 52% of all sites based on similar solutions work. The advantages of this system traditionally include the simplicity and accessibility of development. Why spend hundreds of dollars to pay for the services of a web agency if you can buy a template, hosting, and domain and save up to 5 times in total? In addition, when developing using a website template, you control the entire process yourself.

Most WordPress themes for movies on the TemplateMonster website are easy-to-use options that don't require you to be tech-savvy. When you work with WordPress templates, it typically includes the following features:

  • Modern and user-friendly design;
  • Google Fonts;
  • Page builder with drag-and-drop feature;
  • Ready page layouts;
  • Responsive Design;
  • Documentation;
  • Personal blog;
  • Custom widgets;
  • Social media options.

Besides, many premium Movie WordPress themes from TemplateMonster come with free technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What to Look for in Movie WordPress Themes?

  • SEO-friendly code — It helps you reach higher in the search rankings.
  • Retina Ready — So, your website adapts to any screen resolution.
  • Lazy Load Effect — It is not essential, but it will help to reduce page loading time.
  • WPML compatibility — Translating the website into multiple languages, brings more customers from over the world.

Who are these Movie Website templates on WordPress suitable for?

The production of video, audio materials has long ceased to be a monopoly of exclusively large studios. There are many examples when a low-budget film, a podcast, the work of a video blogger becomes popular. You can use WordPress Movie Themes for such ideas as:

Movie site

Considerable profit and good attendance will be provided by a Movie website template of online cinema, films, and TV shows online.

An interesting design associated with the film industry, a user-friendly interface, and daily automatic receipt of films makes the site in demand. On the site, your visitors can watch the latest movies, enjoy the pleasant interface and convenient search for the necessary information. Create a website where movies are grouped by year/genre/rating.

Create your own film studio

If you are a person interested or working in the Entertainment and Video Industry, create a website. It is the easiest way to declare yourself. Also, the services provided through the site of a video studio will help aspiring directors realize themselves. You can use it as a portfolio, for the promotion of your creativity too.

Movie reviews

This site will be popular among visitors who like to read news about the movie. Add trailers to new movies and your video review to it or write it in a blog.

Monetize such sites with ad networks and link exchanges. Such type of website is suitable for both beginners and pros.

Website with cartoons

This option is the most labor-intensive but will pay for itself over time. The bottom line is to create simple cartoons with original characters. This format is in great demand, and children can watch their favorite cartoons hundreds of times. You can also download content, not of your production, but for this, you need to study the issue of copyright well.

Teaching videos courses

This topic is big, I will give you only a few ideas:

  • Modern business ideas. A selection of the most relevant business ideas in 2021. Modern entrepreneurs monitor trends, so they will certainly be interested in promising areas of business.
  • How to create a startup. If you have such an experience, then you can easily talk about how you went this way. If the video contains a lot of useful information, then it will be reviewed repeatedly, which will undoubtedly benefit you.
  • Training videos about makeup. Many girls cannot afford the services of makeup artists and do not see the point in them. It’s easier for them to watch these videos and learn from them.
  • Training videos about photoshopping or 3D graphics. This niche is developing every day. If you know something about it, make some money creating tutorials.

TemplateMonster has tons of WordPress templates to choose from, so take a look and find one that will mesh with your brand perfectly.

Now come on and explore our Artistic WordPress Themes all the available subcategories of our high-class designs, including:

Art WordPress Themes;

Music WordPress Themes;

Museum WordPress Themes;

Theater WordPress Themes.

What determines the success of a Movie Website?

First of all, what the visitor sees is the site design. After that, he sees all the information on the site. Working with content is combined with maximum convenience, and the advanced functionality of the templates is appreciated by any creator.

The design of Movie WordPress templates is designed to focus the attention of the site visitor on the main content - quality articles and films. Using the functional structure of the template, creating a portal with films, a news resource, or a music magazine will be fun and easy.

What are the Best Plugins for Movies Website?

Creating a Movie Website on WordPress theme you need to be sure that you have all the necessary features and customization options. Using WordPress plugins you can change even a simple blog into an interactive website. You can add booking systems, MegaMenu, Slider, or WooCommerce Sale Countdown, to grow an interest of visitors and your sales. Here are 4 best WordPress Cinema plugins:

  1. WPMovieLibrary
  2. My Movie Database
  3. WP Film Studio
  4. WP Upcoming releases

Great Video Tutorial for Movie WordPress Themes

This tutorial will teach you how to insert any video using the video module.

Movie WordPress Themes FAQ

How to customize a Movie WordPress theme?

Every movie site WordPress theme comes with a set of pre-designed pages that you need to customize to your taste. There are no codes and complex manipulations with deep customization. The template will allow you to get rid of unnecessary problems, as well as save time and money.
The process of customization of any WordPress theme involves its personalization and adaptation as per your needs or the requirements of your brand. The theme's customization involves changing colors, fonts, layout styles, adding custom extensions, and uploading it with your content. All WordPress themes come with documentation to help you.

How many Movie WordPress themes can be installed on one website?

You can install as many themes as you want. You will just have one theme active on your website but you can have a bunch of themes on standby.

Which Movie WordPress theme to choose for non-techies?

You can select any WordPress theme from the Elementor marketplace, which is intended to be managed in the visual mode. You just need to drag and drop the necessary sections and add your content.

Which Movie Website WordPress Themes are mobile-friendly?

All WordPress themes that are available in the TemplateMonster marketplace are optimized for flawless performance on smaller screen sizes.

What are premium Movie WordPress themes?

Premium WordPress themes are the fully-fledged web designs featuring sets of custom tools and customization options, which are included in the themes' download packs. The main features of premium templates are free updates, support, and plugins.

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Top 10 WordPress Movie Templates In 2018

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