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WordPress. How to display full post instead of it’s excerpt.

The WordPress Excerpt is an optional summary or description of a post; in short, a post summary. This tutorial is going to show you how to replace excerpts by full posts in your WordPress template.

In order to do this:

1) Look for the_excerpt in your template files. For example, if your posts are on the home page of your site, most probably the file you need to look for the_excerpt in is home.php:

2) Open the file up in any .php editor;

3) Hit Ctrl + F (MAC: Command + F) to look for the line  with the_excerpt:

4) Change the_excerpt to the_content and save the changes. *:

5) Preview your site and check if the excerpts are now full posts.

*To disable the “Read More” button, comment it out in your file like this:

<!-- <a href="<?php  the_permalink() ?>" class="read-more">read  more<.a>--> 

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

WordPress. How to display full post instead of it’s excerpt.

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  • Krista Brashear

    thank you soo much. this really did work! ive been searching everywhere!! <3

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  • Hong Phuc Ho Chung

    Worked like a charm, thanks a lot!

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  • Murad Khan

    Very Nice Tutorial and Thanks You Solve my Problem :)

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