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WordPress. How to change “themeXXXXX” folder name

This tutorial will show you how to rename ‘themeXXXXX’ to custom name in WordPress.

WordPress. How to rename “themeXXXXX”

  1. Log into your WordPress admin panel.

  2. Navigate to Appearance – > Themes and deactivate your current theme. You can achieve this by activating any other/default theme:


  3. Access your server using any ftp software or FileManager provided by your host.

  4. Navigate to ‘wp-content/themes’ directory on the server:


  5. Rename the theme folder:


  6. Get back to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Appearance -> Editor menu.

  7. Select your theme to edit and click ‘Select’ button:


  8. Open ‘style.css’ file:


  9. Change ‘Theme Name’ value to your new theme name. Save the changes:


  10. Get back to Appearance – > Themes menu and activate your theme. Activate your parent theme first (CherryFramework) and then activate the renamed theme.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

WordPress. How to rename “themeXXXXX”

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