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WordPress. How to change “themeXXXXX” folder name

Daniel Morales January 2, 2020
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This tutorial will show you how to rename ‘themeXXXXX’ to custom name in WordPress.

WordPress. How to rename “themeXXXXX”

  1. Log into your WordPress admin panel.

  2. Navigate to Appearance – > Themes and deactivate your current theme. You can achieve this by activating any other/default theme:


  3. Access your server using any ftp software or FileManager provided by your host.

  4. Navigate to ‘wp-content/themes’ directory on the server:


  5. Rename the theme folder:


  6. Get back to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Appearance -> Editor menu.

  7. Select your theme to edit and click ‘Select’ button:


  8. Open ‘style.css’ file:


  9. Change ‘Theme Name’ value to your new theme name. Save the changes:


  10. Get back to Appearance – > Themes menu and activate your theme. Activate your parent theme first (CherryFramework) and then activate the renamed theme.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

WordPress. How to rename “themeXXXXX”

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