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WordPress. Power builder overview

Ryan DeWitt August 29, 2016
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This tutorial shows how to work with Power Builder.

WordPress. Power builder overview-1
  1. Go to admin section and open particular page. We are going to edit the home page. Default Editor will remove content added by builder. Use Default editor only if you need to manage content using default layout wordpress editor.

    WordPress. Power builder overview-2
  2. Scroll down in order to access Power Builder. Content of each section is provided by modules.

    WordPress. Power builder overview-3
  3. You can change module settings using a cog icon. Each module has its specific settings. Module settings depend on the template so a particular option may not be available in all templates.

    WordPress. Power builder overview-4
  4. We have opened Slider Module settings. Click on slide settings in order to change slider image and other options. You can also adjust module settings and save changes.

    WordPress. Power builder overview-5
  5. You can add modules to existing section using Insert module(s) button.

    WordPress. Power builder overview-6
  6. Let’s add a new standard section.

    WordPress. Power builder overview-7
  7. Select suitable layout.

    WordPress. Power builder overview-8
  8. Click on an Insert module(s) in order to add the module to the particular layout.

    WordPress. Power builder overview-9
  9. Select a desired module.

    WordPress. Power builder overview-10
  10. Adjust settings. Each module has Advanced design settings, there you can change colors, fonts, etc.
    You can set specific CSS styles in Custom CSS section.

    WordPress. Power builder overview-11
  11. We have added modules to the newly created section. Let’s add one more row using the Add row button.

    WordPress. Power builder overview-12
  12. Select layout and add modules to it. We have added a Divider module.

    WordPress. Power builder overview-13
  13. Update page in order to save changes.

    WordPress. Power builder overview-14
  14. You can add a speciality section in the same way as a Standard section. Please, check video version of tutorial for more detailed information.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

WordPress. Power builder overview

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