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CherryFramework 4. Motopress Content Editor settings overview

This tutorial provides an overview of MotoPress Content Editor settings in CherryFramework 4.

CherryFramework 4. Motopress Content Editor settings overview

  1. Log into your WordPress dashboard.

  2. Navigate to MotoPress > Settings. Here you can find available settings for MotoPress editor:

    Cherry Framework_4_Motopress_Content_Editor_settings_overview

    • Language – you can Translate MotoPress plugin to your native language:

      Cherry Framework_4_Motopress_Content_Editor_settings_overview_1

    • Enable Content Editor for – MotoPress editor will be enabled for ticked options:

      Cherry Framework_4_Motopress_Content_Editor_settings_overview_2

    • Disable Content Editor for user groups – you can disable editor for users assigned for specific groups:

      Cherry Framework_4_Motopress_Content_Editor_settings_overview_3

    • Check Spelling – you can enable it to get highlighted misspelled words:

      Cherry Framework_4_Motopress_Content_Editor_settings_overview_4

    • Custom CSS Code – Submit your CSS code to this field to add new styles to the theme:

      Cherry Framework_4_Motopress_Content_Editor_settings_overview_5

    • Compatibility – tick this option if you want to save post data before starting the editor. Improves compatibility with themes and plugins:

      Cherry Framework_4_Motopress_Content_Editor_settings_overview_6

    • Excerpt and More tag – tick this option to get opportunity to convert shortcodes in excerpt to html and/or automatically update an Excerpt and More tag after closing the editor:

      Cherry Framework_4_Motopress_Content_Editor_settings_overview_7

    • Google Fonts – you can use this form to add Google Fonts to MotoPress:

      Cherry Framework_4_Motopress_Content_Editor_settings_overview_8

  3. After you modify one of the settings, please click “Save” button to save changes.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

CherryFramework 4. Motopress Content Editor settings overview

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