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Full JS 3.0 templates


A few months ago we started updating our Full JavaScript Animated templates. The new framework turned the templates into fully functional galleries, with no limitations to content placement and editing (unlike the previous versions). The templates boast asynchronous image load mechanisms which help save load time. The diversity of designs is realized with various CSS3 animations, SVG and scripts.

These new Java-Script templates can be found here.

The new framework contains the following components:

  • mobile layout (a separate layout for mobile devices);
  • user-friendly URLs (also called SEO-friendly URLs) ( the .htaccess file is used);
  • AJAX content loading;
  • HTML5 History API (for browsers that don’t support HTML5 the good old hash  # is used);
  • responsive design;
  • Bootstrap;
  • site search;
  • browser history support (the Back and Prev buttons in browsers);

Why is the Mobile Layout included separately?

In their essence, the new Full JavaScript Animated templates are fully responsive. All the plugins and control elements work properly on both desktops and tablets. But not every plugin working fine on a desktop will work correctly on a smartphone. That’s where the mobile layout in used. It contains a number of different plugins which allow the template to display correctly on a smartphones. In other words, you won’t see all the visual “super-effects” you can see on a desktop, but you’ll get the most important part – the speedy display of content. Full JS templates containing a separate mobile version are a unique offer on the world website templates market right now.

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