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Joomla GoDaddy. How to install Joomla 2.5 template to GoDaddy hosting server

Chris Diaz March 19, 2012
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This tutorial shows how to install Joomla template to the GoDaddy hosting server manually.

First of all you need to download template and extract files. You can check detailed instructions on how to extract files from the template package on MAC and PC. When you are done extracting files you can proceed to the template installation.

The vitally important thing for the correct Joomla 2.5 template work is a Gantry Framework. It should be downloaded from the official website at Make sure you are downloading correct version of Gantry Framework. If you have more recent version of Joomla template you don’t need Gantry Framework.

1. Open Joomla administration panel and go to Extensions > Extensions Manager. Using this page you can install template and all template extensions.

In Upload Package File section click Browse/Choose file button. Select the downloaded gantry framework zip file and upload it. When the installation is complete you can install the template.

2. Joomla templates are distributed as ZIP archives so can be installed using Extensions > Extensions Manager. Open joomla folder from the template package and select file. Click Upload and Install

Joomla template is installed however there are several other thing that should be done.

3. If you want to install template modules and extensions navigate the the template sources folder and install all ZIP archives from there using Extensions > Extensions Manager

4. Open template sources/to_the_root_folder directory and upload all files and folders from there to your Joomla installation root. We recommend using FileZilla FTP client to upload folders. Learn more about upload files

5. To make your website appear as template preview page you need to install template Sample Data. Please check the detailed video tutorial on how to install Joomla template sample data with GoDaddy hosting server.

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