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JS Animated. How to activate captcha (reCaptcha)

Hello, this tutorial shows how to activate Captcha in JS Animated templates.

JS Animated. How to activate captcha (reCaptcha)

Captcha is advised to be added in the templates starting from 50000+ only.

In some cases you may need to activate Captcha on your website, for example, to keep out spammers. CAPTCHA effectively tests if you are a human or a machine.

In order to activate Captcha, you should do the following:

  1. Follow this link to register your domain(site). You will get 2 keys:

  2. In “bat/MailHandler.php” file you should input the Private recaptcha key:

    $private_recaptcha_key=''; //localhost
  3. In “js/TMForm.js” file you should input the Public recaptcha key:

  4. Then add the following line of code in contact form code in the HTML file before Submit button:

     <label class="recaptcha"><span class="empty-message">*This field is required.</span></label>
  5. Enable the script of captcha in HTML file with the form in <head> section, before ТМForm.js enabling:

    <script src="//www.google.com/recaptcha/api/js/recaptcha_ajax.js"></script> 

Now the Captcha is activated.


Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

JS Animated. How to activate captcha (reCaptcha)
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